The Swedish company Thunderkick is an independent slot game designer that is revolutionising the industry with almost 50 stellar games. If you have been playing slot machine and casino games for a while, the chances are that you have enjoyed one of Thunderkick games too. The beautifully-designed games are also supported by a powerful RGD engine. Find out more about this company below. 


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Thunderkick Overview

Unlike some of the most established players in the industry, Thunderkick is a new entry that is slowly winning over the hearts and minds of always more players, also thanks to the beauty, design, and engagement that only their casino games can bring. While within their portfolio you can always find notable games and classic designs, there are also alternative and distinguishing options for those players ready to try something new. 

History of Thunderkick

Thunderkick was established in 2012 in a small studio in Stockholm and continued to enlarge and win over an ever greater share of the slot and casino game market. Today, you can find some of their best games live on a myriad of sites. Some of their most popular ones include Carnival Queen and Well of Wonders. Thanks to the company’s offices in Malta and Stockholm, Thunderkick is licensed in Malta and the UK as well as Sweden. Most Thunderkick games include classic elements, but they have gained increasingly more fame because of their unique ideas, superlative audio and graphics, and state-of-the-art mechanics. Because of this, it does not come as a surprise that their Flame Busters game won the Best Mobile Game of the Year 2017 Award! What truly sets Thunderkick apart from other industry giants is the innovative aspect of their games and products, all characterised by a fun and modern twist. Almost ten years after the foundation of the company, the team behind the game grew to almost 50 people, and their portfolio includes over 45 games. 

Thunderkick Slot Machines and Portfolio

Thunderkick slot machines are immediately recognisable for their quickie design, humorous details, and bright, engaging colours. The collection of Thunderckick games is always enlarging, and today you can find over 40 popular titles and themes to choose from. Regardless of what kind of fantasy adventure you wish to join, within the Thunderkick portfolio, you can find storylines set in space and galaxies, under the sea, in Mayan temples, and much much more. With so much choice, Thunderkick games appeal to every gamer – and you can be sure to never get tired of the various adventures!

Thunderkick Features

Here are some of the best features that you can find in Thunderkick games.

Real Money Games

Each Thunderkick game can be played with real money – and, if you wish to try your luck with one of these games, you can make the switch in no time. Yes, the process to switch to real money games is quick and easy, but, before getting started, it is essential for you to decide on a few aspects. 

  • Look for Thunderkick games that provide a welcome bonus
  • Opt for Thunderkick games that offer bonuses throughout the game. For example, with Carnival Queen, you can even find free spins. 
  • Opt for newer, more popular games to find the support you needs

Finding the right Thunderkick casino is just as important. In fact, finding the right provider with a variety of slots allows players to choose among a variety of designs and storylines, keeping them engaged. Additionally, providers that focus primarily on Thunderkick’s games might offer unique promotions and discounts. 

Free Thunderkick Games

One of the most important features of Thunderckick games is that they can be played for free whenever the player wants. Aside from having access to an extensive collection, players can access their favourites or try new ones and start playing with just one click. The whole process of getting started takes no time, and players of all expertise levels can join in. One of the reasons we love the free option so much is that it gives the chance to players to get a feel of the game and learn the basics of it before starting to play with real money. And, you don’t even need to complete a download to get started. In fact, you can play for free online thanks to the innovative HTML5 technology. Whether you are after a full-screen experience or you wish to have fun on the go, you can play any of the Thunderkick games on your laptop or mobile. 

Thunderkick FAQs

What do I need to know about Thunderkick?

Thunderkick is an innovative and independent Swedish slot and casino game supplier.

What are Thunderkick features?

You can play for free with or without real money. Thanks to HTML5 technology, you can access the game through any screen.

Why is Thunderkick different?

The company uses unparalleled storylines and designs that set the games apart. There are over 45 titles to choose from.

Who is Thunderckick for?

Thanks to the great variety of games available, Thunderkick is an option for all players looking for an alternative experience.


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