BlackJack card is a game whose origins probably go back in time. As far as we know, however, it took the forms that still characterize it today in the eighteenth century in France, where it was called Vingt-et-un, or 21. It was a variant of Baccarat which had its main rule in the need to try to score 21 points, exactly as it still is today. The name BlackJack, however, is anything but French! The denomination currently used in physical and virtual casinos derives from the American variant which had a special rule. If the player, as the first hand, received the jack of spades and the ace of spades, he was paid 10 times what he had bet. This rule no longer exists, but the name has remained: Black (black) Jack (knave). Today there are also several variations of the game, which you can also find online to test your skills without having to move from the comfort of your home.


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BlackJack Description

One of the BlackJack versions you find on this page, which was created by NetEnt, is the classic. Classic BlackJack is played with decks of 52 French cards. There are also numerous variations that provide slightly different rules, such as BlackJack Atlantic City, European and Spanish 21, or BlackJack Vegas Strip. A typical variant of the virtual version of BlackJack is Multihand, which allows you to play more than one game at the same time to add some spice to the game! Basically, however, the purpose of a game of BlackJack is always the traditional one: to be able to total 21 with your cards, playing against the bank, or dealer. Online BlackJack always presents the player with the green table. The dealer is at the top of the screen, while at the bottom there are the player’s cards, with the relative buttons to perform the various game actions. In the case of the NetEnt version of classic BlackJack we have a Multihand game: that is, you can play three games at the same time. When you start the game, after betting, the cards are dealt automatically. The player receives two, face up (in other versions, he receives only one) and the dealer has one face down and one face up. The object of the game is to make 21, or get a higher score than the dealer: that’s enough to win.

Symbols, chips and card values 

The chips used to bet in BlackJack are the same as those used in Roulette. In NetEnt Classic BlackJack the denominations , in different colors, are 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500. At the start of the game you need to click on the desired chip to bet it on one of the three hands you have available. Three different amounts can also be wagered. At this point the dealer deals the cards and you have to decide how to carry out the game. It is important to know the value of the individual cards. Those that have a numerical value, from 2 to 10, are worth the figure shown. The figures instead are worth 10. TheAce can be worth 1 or 11. If in a hand you have the number 10 and the Ace, you have BlackJack (that is, you have got 21 total). BlackJack pays 3: 2 and beats any other combination that still manages to add up to a 21. The hand is over when the dealer has also revealed all his cards. Remember that the dealer must continue to reveal cards until he has reached at least the score of 17. For this, one of the unwritten rules of BlackJack says that it is always preferable for the dealer to have a low card, as there are more probabilities that, by drawing more cards, ends up busting, or exceeding the score of 21.

BlackJack features

We have seen how to bet the chip to start the game, but not, in practice, how it is possible to carry on a hand of BlackJack by playing online. The commands to use are very simple. The first is “Hit”, which means “to call card”. After seeing what the sum of the two cards in your possession is, if you think you can improve the score you can ask the dealer to give you another card. The other option is “Stand”, meaning you decide to stay alone with the cards you have without adding any more. As you play, if you see that the hand is going pretty well, you can choose the Double, which is to double your initial bet.option Split, which is activated only if two identical cards. Again the stake doubles, but the game also doubles. Playing NetEnt Classic BlackJack you play three games at the same time, as we told you. There is no way to get confused, because the system highlights the active cards at that moment by proceeding clockwise (from right to left). If two identical cards happen to you and you decide to activate the Split function, the games become four, or even more if the Split is applicable to more than one hand.’s Classic BlackJack also has two other functions: Insurance and Even Money. With Insurance, you buy insurance for half the price of your bet if the dealer has an ace as his first card. In case you do BlackJack, you get paid 2: 1, but otherwise you lose the amount invested. Even Money pays 1: 1 if you have BlackJack and the dealer has an Ace as their first up card.


Playing BlackJack online is definitely as exciting as playing it in a physical casino … but on the other hand it is much more comfortable! In fact, you can connect from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone and play for as long as you want. Furthermore, Blackjack is the online game that has by far the highest RTP of any other: it always exceeds 99%. On our site you can try the various Blackjack software that we offer you for free, that is, without having to invest your money. By joining an online casino you can instead use your money and use all the strategies developed over time by the BlackJack experts to defeat the dealer and take home your prize. Always remember to select online casinos that have ADM authorization!

Other variations of BlackJack

On this page you can find a selection of different types of Blackjack to try your hand at to increase your skills and prepare to face this card game for real money.

  • Classic BlackJack by Red Tiger: This is another online version of the classic game, again with the ability to handle three hands at the same time. Purpose of the game? Always the same: get to total 21 or at least a value that exceeds that of the dealer. In this variant of Red Tiger you have chips that you can invest up to a maximum of 5000, as far as we remind you that on our site all the games are in Demo mode, so you can play without investing real money.
  • BGaming Multihand BlackJack Pro: the peculiarity of the BGaming game lies in the fact that in this case BlackJack is played according to the rules of the Las Vegas Strip. You then have the opportunity to place a Bonus Bet on the first two cards you receive from the dealer. You win the bet if your first hand features a Jack or a pair of Jacks; depending on the suit of the card you can get different wins, up to 101 times your initial bet.

BlackJack FAQs

What is BlackJack?

BlackJack is a card game where the aim is to beat the dealer by making 21.

Can I play BlackJack online?

Yes, many providers have made Blackjack software including NetEnt.

How do I do 21?

The dealer deals the cards: face cards are worth 10 and the ace either 1 or 11, the numbers have their face value.

What bets can I use?

The commands you have available are Hit (ask for another card), Stand (stay with the cards you have), Double (double your bet), Split (split the cards into two hands if they are equal).

Can I play BlackJack with my money?

Not on our site where the games are in Demo mode; you can, however, do so by joining an online casino.


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