You don’t become one of the leading companies in your industry by churning out subpar content. Elk Studios may only have been founded in 2013, but since their inception, they’ve been on the receiving end of a whole host of accolades and have passed many significant milestones along the way, too. Regarded as one of the leading tech companies in Sweden, they’ve released plenty of well-received video slots. And given the level of drive, innovative thinking, and technological capabilities they have at their disposal, it seems highly unlikely that they’ll be disappearing from our screens anytime soon.

Elk Studios

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The Elk Studios Games That Stand Out

Since Elk Studios haven’t been around all that long, they don’t have an endless stream of games in their locker. But fortunately, the games that they do have were exceptionally well received. They’re a company that knows what they’re doing. While all of their games are regarded as high-quality in terms of production and gameplay, there are a few that people mention again and again. The game that’s probably at the top of this list is Wild Toro, which was wildly successful. In fact, it’s still wildly successful. That game follows a matador called Diaz Jr and El Toro, the bull. There’s much to love about this game, such as the graphics and game play, but what really drew players (and industry experts) in was the quality of the animations. They get particularly interesting when you enter the bonus feature zone. 

Another popular game is Voodoo Gold. This is part of the studio’s ‘Gold’ franchise which follows the trials and tribulations of the main character, Kane, who is on a quest to get as much money and riches as possible. This one is set in the deep swamps of Louisiana, which allows for rich imagery. As well as all the other pleasant points from this game, this slot features a killer blues soundtrack that makes playing all the more fun. There’s also Ivanhoe. This game drips with nostalgia and offers an awesome trip to the past through its use of iconic iconography and gameplay. Through the game, you’ll be on a quest alongside Richard the Lionheart, who’s on a mission to reclaim his throne. You can help him get back to where he wants to be, and, of course, be highly rewarded for your help! 

Why People Love Elk Studios

Plenty of people love Elk Studios, and it’s not hard to see why. After all, this is a studio that seems to get most everything right. There are plenty of different things that’ll contribute towards ensuring a slot game is well received. For instance, it must have a good story, and look good. It must also function well: a game that does not play smoothly will not win many fans. Elk Studios understand all of these things, and that’s why they work tirelessly to ensure that all their games have these qualities. One of the more ingenious solutions that incorporate into their software is specification detection software. This allows the game to read the capabilities of the user’s device (such as internet connection); it then adjusts the game settings so that the game runs smoothly on the device. 

Device Ready

No one could have foreseen just how widespread smartphone usage would become. Or perhaps saying ‘no one’ is incorrect, because it does feel like Elk Studios knew something. Even though they were established only a few short years after the arrival of the iPhone, all of their games are designed with mobile in mind, not desktop. They’ll still work flawlessly on other devices, sure, but first and foremost, they’re built for smartphones. That means that players can enjoy the great Elk Studio slots no matter where they happen to be, whether that’s at home or on the train to work

Final Thoughts

In all, it’s fair to say that Elk Studios have rightly earned their title as one of the brightest young slot machine companies in the world. The quality of their offerings in terms of design, gameplay, and the underlying story is extremely high. Though they don’t produce as many games as other companies, there’s little doubt that they’re going to be a big player in the online slot world for a long time to come. 

Elk Studios FAQs

Where is Elk Studios based?

They’re a Swedish company based in Stockholm.

What types of games do Elk Studios offer?

They focus exclusively on video slots.

Is Elk Studios licensed?

Yes, they hold a license through the Malta Gambling Authority.


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