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Crazy time characteristics
SoftwareEvolution Gaming
Demo modeAvailable
Payout 25.000x your stake
Most lucrative Bonus Crazy Time
Bonus Games 4 special games
Min. Bet 1 demo coins
Max Bet 10 demo coins

crazy-time-game-liveCrazy Time is one of the live casino games created by Evolution Gaming, one of the most original ones and which has had the greatest success so far. It is not easy to give a definition of this title as it has unique characteristics. We can start by saying that it is a successful mix between the classic game of the Wheel of Fortune and a television program in which the host takes the player from one part of the studio to another depending on the stage of the game being experienced.

You can play the Crazy Time Stream, connecting from an online casino that hosts this and other live games from Evolution Gaming and other providers. There are no demos to practice on, but if you continue reading our article you will discover that there is really nothing complicated about the gameplay. There are just a few rules to keep in mind – otherwise it's all pure fun and opportunities to win up to 25,000x your stake.

Crazy Time Overview

crazy-time-ruotaCrazy Time is a game that has at its center a large Wheel of Fortune divided into 54 colored segments. Certainly what will strike you from the first sight are the bright tones of the setting, which combines live elements and virtual elements, designed in computer graphics, in a very skilful and successful way. This game takes place in the main studio, but depending on which side games are called, you will also be taken to other sections of the broadcast studio. You will always have a live dealer in front of you, who in this specific case also plays the role of anchorman. First, before starting a game, you'll need to decide what value to set your stake at. To start a game session, you need to place a bet.

The minimum amount you can bet is 0.1 and the maximum is 100. Once this is done, the dealer will start the Wheel, which will scroll and stop in a specific section. If it matches the one you chose to place your bet, you win. However, it could also stop on one of the mini games, which we will tell you about shortly. At the top of the wheel you will notice a small slot machine. It is the Top Slot which spins together with the wheel and which can deliver multipliers which are eventually applied to the winnings. The maximum amount you can get playing Crazy Time live is 25,000x.

Crazy Time Symbols and Stats

crazy-time-main-gameCrazy Time is not a slot machine, so we can't talk about symbols in the strict sense, although there are symbols, all right, especially in one of the four mini-games. At this point, in fact, we have to find out what the sections of the wheel are, therefore what are the values ​​on which you can bet, and what are the bonus games that could be started. The numbers, or multipliers, are 1, 2, 5 and 10. Each of them multiplies your bet by its value and offers different winning opportunities. The number 1 appears in 21 sections, the 2 in 13 and the 5 in 7. The number 10 appears in only 4 segments. The four games are Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time. The Coin Flip occupies 4 wedges, the Cash Hunt and Pachinko 2 and finally the Crazy Time 1.

Crazy Time Tracker

Each of the different bets you can place has a different percentage of probability of winning. Tracking the Crazy time stats could help you come up with an overall chart for planning a strategy, combined with knowledge of Crazy time history. What does this mean? Crazy Time, like any gambling game, relies entirely on chance, and therefore there is no trick you can adopt to guarantee victory, but this does not mean that a result on this game is not, to some extent, "predictable". Knowing which options have come out less frequently in recent games could help you make your decisions when placing your bet to start a game.

Crazy Time Casino Features

To conclude this review on Evolution Gaming's Crazy Time live, we just have to tell you how to play these 4 games: these are bonus modes, that you could be activated by the spin of the wheel.

  • Coin Flip: this is the traditional coin toss, which in this case, however, has no heads or tails but two colours, white or red. You must therefore try to guess which side will fall upwards, also considering that each side has its own win multiplier. This is the game most likely to be selected on the wheel and pays out at most 5,000x your bet.
  • Cash Hunt: This game resembles shooting. There are 108 symbols moving around the screen, each of which hides a multiplier. You have to hit one, hoping to find the highest paying ones. In Cash Hunt you can win up to 10,000 times your stake, like in Pachinko.
  • Pachinko: this is the game with pegs where a ball descends, tracing its path between the pegs, until it lands on a multiplier. If it lands on DOUBLE, another game starts where multipliers are doubled.
  • Crazy Time: this is the highest paying game, paying up to 20,000x your bet. It consists of a Wheel of Fortune that is much larger than the one in the base game. It has three indicators and you have to choose one: also on this wheel there is the DOUBLE and also the TRIPLE, which award another spin and double or triple the multipliers present.

Conclusion on live casino Crazy time 

Crazytime by Evolution Gaming is a captivating game show where you have many opportunities to win and where you certainly won't get bored, given the many options available. Surely if you decide to start a game you know that you are about to receive what is promised to you right from the title: crazy time to have fun and accumulate prizes!

Crazy Time FAQs

What kind of slots is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is not a slot machine, but a live game created by Evolution Gaming.

What is a casino live Crazy time?

Casino live Crazy time is a live game streamed from a television studio, with a real dealer.

What kind of game is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a game show where you have to spin a wheel with prizes and bonus games.

What are the Crazy Time bonus games?

There are 4 bonus games: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

How much can I win max playing Crazy Time?

The maximum amount you can cash out is 25,000 times your stake.


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