Game Art hasn’t been around all that long -- they were founded in 2013 -- but they’ve made the most of all the time that they’ve been in business. Today, they’re regarded as one of the leading e-gaming studios in Europe. Consistently pumping out high-quality games, the team behind the company work to emphasize both gameplay and technical prowess. Their games are available in both HTML and Flash, which means they can be played on both desktop and mobile, without any variation in quality. Game Art didn’t just invest in their games, either -- they also spent a considerable amount of time working behind the scenes, ensuring that game providers can easily offer Game Art slots. Indeed, not only do they do that, but they’ve also got an entirely different side to their operations too -- they help casinos manage their business and finances. So when we say that they’re experts in what they do, we really mean it. 

Game Art in short
Statutory SeatMalta
Year of Release2013
Average RTP of Slots96%
Where to PlayCasumoTwin
Game ModeFree
Types of GamesVideo Slot
Live Casino No
License Curaçao eGaming
Most Played Slots Nefertiti’s NileDawn of OlympusCaptain Candy

Game Art

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Years of Experience

The online gaming world is always changing. And that means that experience counts for a lot. If you’ve been in the industry for a few years, and know about all the changes, then you’ll be in a strong position to produce great slot games based on everything that you’ve seen. And that’s just the position that Game Art finds itself in. The entrepreneurial team behind the company have more than twenty years of experience in the industry, which means they can be considered leaders in their field. And that shows through the quality of their games. 

Why People Like Game Art

So what is it that draws people to Game Art? Plenty, as it turns out. There are plenty of reasons why people like playing their games. And this goes beyond purely the quality of their offerings (which, of course, is high). Game Art has worked hard to ensure its games are as accessible and user-friendly as possible. Their games are multi-currency, multi-language and use state of the art graphics to produce a top of the line gaming experience. If you invest in what people like, then it’s highly likely that they’ll enjoy the game. Game Art worked to create games that people love, and that’s just what happened. 

Game Art’s Most Popular Offerings

There’s no shortage of Game Art games. They’ve been busy, and have more than fifty slot games available. While there’s something to love about all their games, there are some that stand out from the crowd. There’s Joan of Arc, a fun game based on history and all the attributes of the age, such as honour. There are big wins available, too, which makes playing the slot all the more enjoyable. Another hit from Game Art is King of Monkeys 2, which is a continuation of the storyline that defined the original King of Monkeys. This one appeals for its free spins, which are always nice to come by. If you’re looking for a slot that’s a little darker and terrifying than others, then consider Castle Blood, a game that’ll require you to fight vampires and werewolves. But you won’t mind that if you walk away with a big win under your belt. Players can play these free online casino games on our catalog online with no registration.

Characteristics of their Games

You can normally tell when you’re playing a game from Game Art. While the storylines of their offerings differ from game to game, there are some broad features that you’ll see again and again in their work. They usually have top of the line graphics that feature vibrant colours and animations. And, of course, the game content is always highly engaging. If these are the principles that underlie a company’s approach when creating games, then you can be reasonably confident that they’ll come up with something worth playing. 

Final Thoughts

With so much experience under their belt, it’s little wonder that Game Art should have so many great games on offer. They work to create a pleasant gaming experience for the players, and that’s just what they’ve done — and for that reason, they’re one of the best digital game providers on the market. 

Game Art FAQs

What are the most popular Game Art slot games?

There are many, but at the top of the list are Joan of Arc, Chinese Zodiac, Castle of Blood, Golden Dragon, and 4 Symbols.

Do their games feature a jackpot?

They have 35 games that have a jackpot.

Is Game Art a licenced provider?

Yes, they hold all relevant licences.


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