SA Gaming is a gambling software house mainly operating on the Asian market. In its portfolio there are mostly live games, such as Baccarat and Roulette, but also others specifically designed for oriental audiences such as Sic Bo. Thanks to the very advanced technological solutions adopted to guarantee players the best possible gaming experience, SA Gaming stands out as a cutting-edge reality that has already shown its strenght and will certainly continue to expand in the near future.

SA Gaming in short
Year of Release2009
Average RTP97%
Game ModeFree
Types of GamesCasinò classics, Table Games
Live Casino Available
Most played games Baccarat Sic Bo Roulette

SA Gaming

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SA Gaming is a company that operates mainly on the Asian markets, where it has made itself known for its professionalism, reliability and high quality of its products. Through its platform it makes available to operators, and consequently to players, a wide range of titles that are mainly live games. The main SA Gaming products are Baccarat and Roulette, which are enjoyed by gamblers from all over the world. In fact, every service offered by this provider is taken care of in every smallest detail, especially from the point of view of high computer quality.

This has been recognized on various occasions, so much so that SA Gaming has been awarded various awards. In 2019, at the Malta Gaming Awards, it received the title of Asian Platform of the Year, while in 2020 it distinguished itself at the IGA (International Gamers Award) as Live Casino of the Year. All this demonstrates how the efforts made by the work team of this production company are well recognized by all operators in the sector.

The gaming platforms of SA Gaming

What SA Gaming is most proud of is that it has created a streamlined and easy-to-use gaming platform, which allows the distribution of its games in all reference markets and above all makes the user experience one of the best possible. After several versions have been developed over time, the current one has finally arrived, the Premium. This platform offers various viewing possibilities and above all the unique Multi Bet option, which allows players to place their bets on multiple tables on a single page.

The importance of mobile devices

All online gambling operators know that the future is increasingly mobile. If in the past you played from a fixed terminal, downloading game clients, today the world of the web has grown and made everything easier. The speed of use is essential, and most players now prefer to play with mobile devices, which are always at hand and are simple to use. The SA Gaming Premium platform therefore also exists in a Mobile H5 version (which stands for Html5).

The programming language Html5 is the one now universally used, since it allows games to work correctly on any type of device, screen, operating system. Such is the importance that this provider gives to the mobile aspect that it has even created its own source application, SA APP which is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. It allows you to play by rotating the screen horizontally and vertically, and its main advantage is to ensure maximum fluidity of the game. The SA APP can be accessed either in the traditional way, using the password, or by scanning the QR Code.

The services offered by SA Gaming

SA Gaming therefore takes care of creating casino games that will then be distributed on online casinos throughout the world, but his first serve is not so much to the player as to the operator. In this sense, SA Gaming has managed to gain loyalty with some of the largest companies in the iGaming sector for the very high quality of the services offered. Technical team offers complete support, starting from the choice of the purchase package up to its integration and optimization with the desired casinos and gaming lobbies. One of the most powerful weapons available to the company is an IT package that allows you to quickly solve any integration problem, making its contents immediately usable at the highest possible quality. Even if, as we have anticipated, SA Gaming is aimed at the oriental public and has the Asian market as its reference point, its games are available in many languages ​​and can adopt a large number of current currencies.

The best games in the SA Gaming portfolio

To date, there are no slot machines in the SA Gaming portfolio yet, while we can find mainly table games in their Live version. We know how the Live Casino is now loved by players from all over the world, and not just by Asian ones. In fact, it allows for an extremely realistic gaming experience, in which you are in front of a dealer just like you were in a physical gaming room. Here are some of the most popular and widespread SA Gaming titles.

  • Baccarat: Very popular game in Asia, perhaps because of its extreme simplicity. The version proposed by SA Gaming follows the traditional rules of the game, but at the same time also offers some innovative options such as, for instance, types of side bets such as the Lucky Six. Furthermore, SA Gaming not only makes the traditional version of Baccarat but also other varieties such as Speed ​​Baccarat.
  • Roulette: Main Feature of online casino all over the world, and certainly could not miss in the portfolio of an operator so attentive to the tastes and desires of the public. Roulette follows the classic rules, it includes the possibility of placing different types of bets, and from a technical point of view it allows you to enjoy different angles on the game table and on the Roulette wheel to always check the results closely.
  • Dragon Tiger: this is a game that is typical of Asian culture, simple and immediate as it offers only three betting options which are, in fact, Dragon, Tiger and Tie (which means Draw).
  • Sic Bo: another game typical of the eastern world but now cleared also in the west. After placing your bet you roll the dice: in SA Gaming’s Sic Bo a series of cameras allows you to follow the next throw to be able to know immediately if you have won or if you have lost.


SA Gaming is a very articulated and complex reality that has made the extreme quality of its products its main source of pride. It will certainly expand well beyond its current markets of expertise by exporting its games to major casinos around the world.

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