Mascot Gaming is a software provider that has been putting out high-quality games for almost a decade. As a casino game developer, Mascot Gaming’s output is not limited to just slots and table games, instead offering the complete service of games, lotteries, and a platform to play them on. As well as producing its own games, Mascot Gaming also creates content on behalf of other developers and casino sites too. Read on to learn more about the history of Mascot Gaming, and the offerings it provides.

Mascot Gaming

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Mascot Gaming Overview

  • A huge portfolio of high-quality games catering to all audiences
  • A respected software developer with a fresh take on traditional casino games
  • Impressive graphics with visually stunning designs and symbols
  • All games are responsive, allowing players to enjoy them on any device


Mascot Gaming launched in 2015, founded by two software developers with dreams of starting their own online casino. Their vision was to create their own service from scratch, building their own games, platform, and operating system, as well as managing their own promotional strategy and customer communication. It took the two coders a number of years to learn the ropes, but the hard work paid off, and now Mascot Gaming has a large team of designers, artists, and mathematicians all striving to produce their sizable portfolio of quality games.

The company is based in Spain, and although the focus of the business may have changed over the years, their dedication to creating top notch gaming experiences hasn’t faltered.

Mascot Gaming Slot Machines

Although Mascot Gaming offers a range of 45+ different casino games, it’s primary output is a wide range of slot machines. Each slot game is developed in HTML5, which means they are compatible with almost any device, including Android and iOS devices, as well as desktop computers. This also means its games can be easily integrated into existing casinos by other operators. The games are hosted by reliable servers that promise 99.9% uptime, affording a consistent and dependable service for its customers.

The slot games themselves offer an enormous range of themes and styles to appeal to all audiences. Popular trends and topics are changing all the time, and Mascot Gaing caters to the whims of the consumer, offering a broad spectrum of topics from ancient Egypt to horror films to medieval fantasy. And although the games are different, they all have one thing in common: first-rate graphics. The offerings are visually stimulating, and many of them use photo-real imagery to bring the designs and symbols to life.

Mascot Gaming Portfolio

Mascot Gaming offers a wide range of gaming services that are not only aesthetically pleasing and fun to play, but also technically impressive from a developer standpoint. The games are rigorously tested to high quality assurance standards, and offer an excellent playing experience on any device. Here are a couple of Mascot Gaming’s most impressive games.

  • Anaksunamun: The Queen of Egypt: Perhaps Mascot Gaming’s most popular game, this Ancient Egypt themed slot features five reels and ten paylines with medium volatility. The game has universal appeal and is stunning to look at, with plenty of dark tombs and hieroglyphics and classic Egyptian symbols such as scarab beetles and ankhs.
  • Book of Amaterasu: this slot machine is dedicated to an oriental deity and introduces the player to a very pleasant setting where you can get exciting winnings, thanks to the special Expanding symbol activated during Free Spins, up to 25 spins, and can be re-triggered once.
  • The Myth: Mascot Gaming takes you to the cold lands of the north, on an adventure to recover dragon’s treasure aboard a Viking ship. There are 4 different Free Spins features, each with its own peculiar characteristics to be discovered.
  • Riot: This game has 3 different Free Spins mode plus an exclusive Risk’N’Buy feature, as you can unlock for money some special features instead of waiting for them to be activated by chance.
  • Bastet and Cats: Title on Ancient Egypt, which this time has the cat goddess Bastet as main character. With the Rockfall Feature you can get a series of cascading wins.
  • Zeus The Thunderer: This slot machine proposes a Risk’N’Buy feature and different types of free spins, ascending everything to Mount Olympus, among the ethernity of Ancient Greek Gods.

Mascot Gaming FAQs

What is unique about Mascot Gaming?

Mascot Gaming offers a wide range of innovative and unique slot games, as well as their own white label platform that can be used by anyone looking to start up their own online casino.

What sort of games does Mascot Gaming create?

Mascot Gaming creates several casino games, including slot machines, table games, and lotteries. These games have a range of different themes and styles to cater for all audiences.

Can I play Mascot Gaming slot games on my smartphone?

Yes, Mascot Gaming uses HTML5, which is compatible on iOS, Android, and Windows computers, so you play on any device you choose.


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